A model is a simple representation of reality – it is just a model, and won’t necessarily fit with all that we do. However we can, and should, shape our library services with a strategy in mind – and why not the Boutique model? During the last half hour of the Symposium Day, we had the opportunity to reflect upon, and evaluate the model that we had spent the day discussing and hearing about.

Delegates were encouraged through use of a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to consider the relevance and potential application of the Boutique Library Model.

Considering the day had been fast-paced with a number of presentations, delegates rose to the challenge and provided us with much food for thought. There was only a short time at the end to comment on a few of the issues that the groups raised from the SWOT analysis. With a little bit of editing all the responses have been pulled together in one document which you can download and continue your reflections if you are interested:

SWOT analysis

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