Speakers at the Symposium that was held on March 22 2011 at Homerton College have been invited to send in guest blogs. These will be added to this page as they are received.  The following external blog posts about the day may also be of interest:

Meg Westbury:  On Tuesday March 22, 60 librarians from around the UK and US met for the ‘Personalised Libraries Services in Higher Education’ symposium, which explored many angles of the Boutique Model for library services.  Though I personally have trouble applying abstract models of groups and directions of influence to the complexities of real life, I found that I left the symposium with a more clearly defined mission as a librarian.  Presentations and discussions throughout the day explored examples of personalised services for faculty, student groups, distance learners, and within the physical space of the library and digital research support. There were many opportunities to break into small groups and discuss the merits of a particular service and to brainstorm new ones. Most attendees left the symposium with new service ideas and a theoretical approach to base it on.  Click here to continue reading Meg’s response to the day.

Tim Wales: I was one of the speakers at this week’s Symposium and I am also one of the chapter authors. It only occurred to me this week that the current Boutique model (see diagram) presumes that all user interaction takes place between the boutique library/service and the user and that there is no direct user interaction between the other agents in the model (centrally managed activities or collaborative activities).  In my experience this is flawed, especially in an e-Library context.  Click here to continue reading Tim’s post and Libby’s response.