On Tuesday 22 March 2011 a symposium on personalised library services in HE was held at Homerton College, Cambridge (left) and hosted by Andy Priestner and Elizabeth Tilley. At the event, presenters explored and evaluated personalised and highly-tailored approaches to service delivery, teaching and training, marketing, research support and physical space.


Andy Priestner and Libby Tilley, ‘Exploring the boutique library model’ Presentation

Jane Secker, ‘Personalised research support’ Presentation and Blog post

Angela Cutts and Emma-Jane Batchelor, ‘Tailoring resources to courses at the Faculty of Education Library’ Presentation

Nicola Wright and Michelle Blake, ‘Postcards and more…’ Presentation

Tim Wales, ‘Can personalised be upscaled?’ Presentation

Chris Powis, ‘”All for one or one for all”: building relationships for learning and teaching’ Presentation

Beatrice Pulliam, ‘Space in USA libraries’

Chris Powis, ‘How can space be personalised?’ Presentation

Meg Westbury, ‘A voice in the wilderness: personalised library servies in a virtual environment.’ Presentation

Emma Thompson, ‘”It’s all about you”: marketing personalised services to the University of Liverpool Management School’ Presentation

Libby Tilley, ‘Building for success: considering evaluation and impact’ Presentation

Blog posts

A series of guest posts relating to the theme of the event will be added to the website on an ongoing basis.  In the meantime, the following blog posts about the day may be of interest: