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Our book ‘Personalised Library Services in Higher Education: the boutique approach’ will be published by Ashgate this summer (2012).
We have sought to make the book practical and, hopefully, challenging (not to read, but with a view to making a change!)
Contents are as follows:


1. Introducing the boutique approach – Andy Priestner and Elizabeth Tilley

2. Face-to-face value: personalised communication strategies – Andy Priestner

3. Library space and designing for a boutique library service in the USA – Beatrice Pulliam

4. Library technologies for boutique services – Tim Wales

5. Maximising value, enhancing learning: boutique teaching and training – Chris Powis

6. Digital literacy support for researchers: the personalised approach – Jane Secker

7. Marketing personalised services – Emma Thompson

8. The cost-effective service: is personalised possible? – Elizabeth Tilley

9. Evaluating the impact of the boutique library – David Streatfield

10. Implementing and managing boutique – Andy Priestner and Elizabeth Tilley

Case Studies:

a) Students as Consultants: SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management  РHelen Edwards

b) Research postcards at London School of Economics – Michelle Blake and Nicola Wright

c) Boutique at the Faculty of Education – Angela Cutts

d) Personal space for study: meeting real needs – Elizabeth Tilley

e) A voice in the wilderness: personalised library services in a virtual environment – Margaret Westbury

f) Integrating information skills into the curriculum: the next step – Veronica Lawrence

g) Online outreach and tailored training: the English Faculty Library at Oxford University – Kerry Webb

h) Boutique influences on structures and lifelong learning at Australian Catholic University – Tatum McPherson-Crowie